January 21, 2018
Seagull steals Camera
they want our high tech for surveillance work on us. paste the URL in your browser and be shocked.
Stand Up Comedy Demo
Tim tells stories of family life and other assorted nonsense at the ACME Comedy Club 2010.

An Inconvenient Horror-The Animal Conspiracy
here is a slice of the AC slide show from Zany's in Nashville.
Copy the URL below into somewhere appropriate and/or go to Youtube and search for me or an Inconvenient Horror.

Florida Becomes An Outdoor Zoo Without Bars
CNN is getting the story half right. They don't mention the Animal Conspiracy but are on track. Let's hope the media starts to connect the final dots.

Puppy Hates Jesus
Is this dog a minion of Satan? In league with the animal conspiracy? Or just being a dog? You decide.

follow the link.

does anybody know where you can buy one of these great Jesus dolls?
Baboons Can't Be Trusted
compelling video of foolish animal-apologists being abused by the very baboons they think they are befriending.

Deer Beer Run
Here's a link to video of three deer attacking a liquor store. Some of you out there think they are after the beer or booze. I believe they want the money. Just like drug addicts these Animal Terrorists want to fund their anti-social behavior by knocking off a cash rich booze retailer. It was probably on a Saturday when the till was full of your beer money.

Ninja Trained Bear Ready to Kill
Foolishly a zoo in Japan has given this bear weapons and it's only a matter of time before a keeper or visitor loses their head.

paste below URL into your browser


Farmer Disguises Tractor As Cow In War On Rabbits

paste the above URL into your browser

Minnesota Trucker Is a Traitor
This well-intentioned but naive man has been coerced by dark forces to bring a duck into our construction sites so the Animal Conspiracy can learn more about how we engineer buildings.

Plane Hits Cow
Bear Likes Deli Food

They are after our deli food and this might mean an attack on the East Coast is planned.
"Vague But True" on YouTube