January 23, 2018
Grandpa put up his own tollbooth
The person who told me this story swears that it's true. He said the French government built a new highway through his grandfather Antoine's property on the outskirts of Paris after World War Two. But Antoine didn't feel the government had compensated him adequately, so the night before the highway opened, Antoine went out with the blue prints for an official French toll booth and then built and operated his own toll booth for 18 years, before the government even figured out, it wasn't supposed to be there.

While the authorities were deciding what to do, Antoine tore his toll booth down and retired a millionaire. One of the few millionaires to pay for everything with change perhaps but none-the-less, a millionaire. Antoine proved you can fool all the people all the time and charge them for the privilege.

What's my point? The investigations into whatever happened with Whitewater and campaign finance is a bust, it's a phony tool booth. Oh, the Senators and Congresspersons look proper and official as go through the motions but the truth is these investigations are more about their career advancement and political advantage and less about whether Clinton is fit to be President or real campaign finance. Clinton will have served his full two terms before they finish with Whitewater anyway.

Bob Dylan once said "Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters." I don't know what that means exactly. Did we ever really know what Dylan was saying? How many miles must a White Duck fly before it gets to sleep in the sand? I don't think there's an answer. How can an answer be blowing in the wind? Anyway, I know this--if politicians only got paid when they fixed something, made something work better or made something cost less than it did before, they'd spend a lot less time playing ne-ner ne-ner.