January 23, 2018
Pirates of Silicon Valley
What I have to say about Pirates of Silicon Valley is... I'd rather have watched the Brian Wilson Biography on A. and E. which I flipped over to during commercials. Did you know Brian Wilson lived in a sandbox for 22 years? I didn't see the whole Brian Wilson thing because I was supposed to be watching the Pirate movie but I think they said he lived in a sand box he put in his living room. It must be nice to be rich.

Anyway the Pirate Movie basically jumped back and forth between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs taking turns stealing ideas from Xerox whose executives didn't think the personal computer had a future, and thus were idiots. When Gates and Jobs weren't stealing from Xerox or each other they were treating their friends and employees badly or kind of badly. And oh yes, IBM was stupid like Xerox but not as stupid. That was the basic story.

It's been awhile since I was in college but I do remember in film class they said a good story needs a good guy and a bad guy or a struggle between good and evil. I can't tell who the people making Pirates of Silicon Valley thought was the good guy in their story. Although they had Noah Wylie from E.R. play Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall play Gates. Wylie is one of the hottest stars in television and Hall is... not. He's only making bad made-for-T.V.-movies about computer geeks so maybe they think Jobs was their hero but not by much.

There was one scene that did have the ring of truth- Steve Jobs accused Bill Gates of stealing his software and said "The Mac is still better than Windows." And Gates, because he had better distribution said, "It doesn't matter." I think they got that part right.

So, Xerox and IBM were stupid and made multi-billionaires out of Jobs and Gates and the rest of the Beach Boys were idiots because they wanted to keep making "Little Deuce Coupe" and "Barbara Ann" while Brian wanted to make one of the most influential albums in rock history, "Pet Sounds." In short, Pirates of Silicon Valley was no "Pet Sounds."

And by the way, so I wouldn't be unduly influenced, I wrote this review on a yellow legal pad with an analog pen.