January 23, 2018
Deregulation is not your friend
So, let's see. The family that runs Adelphia Cable wouldn't put the Playboy Channel on their system because that's immoral but they would steal hundreds of millions of dollars from their shareholders because what... that was more moral than showing bulbous breasts?

To me, Adelphia's shaky moral compass is another example of how deregulation has been a giant bust, and I don't mean that in a Playboy Channel sense.

Let's just start over with this premise when you look in the Bible, Shakespeare, or any recorded history of human behavior the thing that leaps out at you is this we stink. People are awful.

After being de-regulated, how long did it take the Savings and Loan industry to become thieves and whores? Minutes? Maybe seconds before the savings and loan people started pilfering and plundering like deregulation was the Oklahoma Land Rush? And would anybody say the airline industry is in better shape after de-regulation? Sure, but all those people work in the airline industry.

The phone industry -- better or worse? Is it even possible to get good service from your cable company? And how about the energy industry and Enron, a company that had the bankrupt morals of ... an Enron. The cheating done by the guys running Worldcom was so openly stupid and blatant in retrospect it sounds like they wanted to get caught.

What's my point? Some Republicans and their buddies in the media, recently have tried to blame Bill Clinton for the recent sleazy behavior in corporate America. Why? Because primarily Republicans were the ones who told you de-regulation was your friend, that if we got government off the back of industry, industry would soar. Yes, many of us are so sore we can't sit down.

Thus, therefore, ergo the next time politicians tell you de-regulation is the answer, that government should get off the back of industry say this Cain slew Abel, then stole his 401 K. And forever it shall be thus.

As for Adelphia, the new management is now thinking of adding porn to their cable service. Why? To make up the money stolen by that moral family that used to run the place.