January 23, 2018
Monopoly Should be more Realistic
If you grew up playing Monopoly, a very competitive board game very popular here in a very competitive America, you may remember one of the properties on was the Reading (Red-ding) Railroad. Although the Reading is no longer in business a chartered Amtrak train traveling east from Chicago and renamed the Reading Railroad is the site for this year's National Monopoly Championship competition. That Amtrak itself is barely in business without any competition makes this an odd choice but to play championship level monopoly on a bus would seem wrong.

Anyway, there have been some updates to the Monopoly game over the years and I would like to propose a few more. We have to up the stakes. The winner of this Monopoly Championship will receive $15,140 because that is the total amount of money included in the standard monopoly game. I think today's kids should play Monopoly for billions and billions of dollars. Let's make their game experience comparable to what's happening in the real world. And let's make sure there are consequences to their actions. If one kid wins billions of dollars in stock options or golden parachutes for owning Boardwalk and Park Place the other players don't eat for a few days. The price for losing is literally going hungry. If you land on Go to Jail, you really go jail. Or at least to your room. For quite awhile.

How else are we going to teach business ethics and cause and effect and civic responsibility? The business schools sure don't seem to be doing it. When the monopoly playing youth of today flip over that Chance card and find out there's a new SEC Chairman looking into their insider trading there should be a shudder in the room as the guilty party runs away screaming and hides under their bed.

They used to advertise these board games as fun for everyone between the ages of 6 to 60. 6-60 is what some of today's CEOs should be doing for their crimes and instilling fear of jail time through realistically modern monopoly is one way to better train the future captains of American.

What's my point? We never want American companies to be anything less than monstrously competitive but the ultimate goal of everything that America does should be serving the public good and that is why Parker Brothers should make future editions of Monopoly more realistic. If the bank makes an error in your favor and you don't report it, no T.V. for a week. Even if it means missing the World Monopoly Championship on the board game network.