April 29, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Ape Apes Finger
SAN DIEGO, California- Tammy Fong and friends learned how quickly a chimp can understand the point of and how to give the middle finger salute at Wild Safari Animal Encounter. Fong was getting annoyed with her boyfriend, Pat, who was instructing Tammy on how to pose for a picture of her and Fred, a chimp. Fong had enough of the instructions and flipped off Pat and Fred must have been annoyed too because he flipped off Pat, as well. "Unless Fred has done this before, he knew right away what the finger meant and how to do it," said Fong. "We laughed for days. Thank god we have the picture. I think it's going to be my Christmas card."
Sloth Smile Causes Nightmare
MONTGOMERY, Alabama- School children love the field trip to the zoo. Unless seeing a sloth smile at you with human appearing teeth gives you nightmares. "There was no way to predict this. It's never happened before, in all my years as a teacher, but one of our students is having nightmares where the sloth is her dentist. Now she won't go in to have her braces adjusted," said Kingfish Elementary teacher Debra White.
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"It Was Like Watching The Blue Angels"
STOCKTON, California- Birders have a list of birds they have seen, birds they want to see and bird behaviors they hope to see. That list probably has never included seeing a great blue heron and bald eagle flying in formation together but that is just what Swede Petersen caught on film, recently. "Couldn't believe it. These two giant birds were doing tight turns, following one another precisely. I thought at first it was a fight but they just kept doing it without any conflict. It seemed like they just were having fun. It was like watching the Blue Angels perform."
"I Think This Means We'll Have Snow In June"
SUN PRAIRIE, Wisconsin- A mayor in Wisconsin was told by Jimmy the Groundhog that winter is not going away anytime soon. Did Jimmy use his words to communicate this message? No, Jimmy used his teeth. Mayor Jonathan Freund was told by his human handlers that Jimmy wanted to whisper his forecast into Freund's ear but when the handlers held him close enough Jimmy promptly bit down on the mayor's once pristine ear. "I think this means we will have snow in June," said Freund.
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