October 17, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Raccoon Rides Alligator
KISSMEPEEPE, Florida- Rick Jones was enjoying an afternoon walk when suddenly he saw a raccoon riding an alligator across a swamp. Jones first thought was, "It's Florida, that's just weird enough to be normal here." Then Jones thought "I'd better get a picture of this otherwise everyone will think I started smoking pot again." And then Jones thought "I wonder if those two are up to something. I mean, when do animals work together like this? It really weirded me out."
Who can forget where they were the first time they heard the Mack Vickery classic "Meat Man?" We certainly know 328 hardened she-criminals know where they were- prison. Because that's where Mack recorded his classic "Live At The Alabama State Women's Prison" album which set the standard for all live recordings ever since. According to legend when Vickery launched into "Meat Man" the audience went so she-devil-wild-woman crazy the guards were forced to fire tear gas into the crowd. Sadly, once of the tear gas canisters exploded too near an inmate and she died but that didn't stop Mack from getting five encores. Hear what all the fussin' was about- order "Live At The Alabama State Women's Prison" today from VINYL CLASSICS and drive your lady crazy.
Green Worm Blows Up Vacation
PENGHU, Taiwan- Wei Cheng Jian has fished the China Sea for years and has caught some odd creatures but the strange green pinked tongue blob he saw onshore recently is the all-time weirdest. The slithering strange green mass Jian shot video of and uploaded video to Facebook is probably a ribbon worm, or Nemertea. "The green blob shot its tongue out about two feet and people started screaming. One American woman passed out. Others tried to run but were paralyzed. It was like a horror film where girls scream but can't run from the monster and get caught. It was pretty cool. I had fun," said Jian.
Can a Bear Climb a Power Tower
WOOD BUFFALO NATIONAL PARK, Canada- A group of bison hunters watched a bear climb a power transmission tower and raid a ravens' nest but while the bear found what it was looking for the humans did not. "We were in a clearcut, and glanced over and happened to see a black bear on its hind legs at the base of the tower and my first thought was- that bear's gonna climb the tower. I didn't really think that it could but it sure looked like that was what it wanted to do."
Man Punches Shark That Bit Him, Wins Fight
ORLANDO, Florida- Josh Green, a student at the University of Central Florida, was swimming when he felt something latch on to his leg. I didnt realize it was a shark until I punched it. At first I thought someone was messing with me but when I hit it I knew that wasn't a fraternity brother face, Green told his college newspaper, Knight News. "Just from punching the face I knew right away that was a shark. Apparently, Green won the fight because the shark never hit back. After getting 18 stitches in his foot, ankle and calf Green posted photos of his watery war wounds and captioned them "Sharkbait NO MORE!"
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