April 29, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Wild Hog Goes Hog Wild
ST. PETERSBURG, Florida- A wild hog charged a woman in her yard Monday and then led nine rescue and animal control officials on a violent chase through a St. Petersburg, Fla., neighborhood. Cassandra Frank, 26, spotted the black sow just as the 200-pound animal made a run at her, catching her calf with a tusk and pushing her against a tree. Fire Rescue Lt. Dan Robinson, who hunted wild hogs as a boy, tracked her down and got charged too, leaping over a fence just before being gored. "I seen what they can do. They'll take a dog and just rip it right open. They can take those tusks and open a car door and drive off if they want to," Robinson told the St. Petersburg Times.
Flipper To The Rescue
BEIJING, China- Thousands of dolphins blocked Somali pirate ships from hijacking a Chinese merchant ship China International Radio reported. The Chinese merchant ships were set upon by pirates but suddenly thousands of dolphins leaped out of the water blocking the pirates path. The pirate ships stopped and turned away. "Perhaps these dolphins saved the merchant ships because they support capitalism," said Lillian Lum, spoke person for Kaitzu Shipping.
Where The Buffalo Roam And Terrorize
ST. JOSEPH, Michigan- A buffalo's 50-minute rampage took it through a residential area and a terrifying run through a kid-filled playground, Saturday. The buffalo's roam ended when police shot and killed it near the intersection of Hilltop and Cleveland roads, after it charged St. Joseph Police officer Paul Komdeur. "Are the deer and antelope next? Either way, we're ready," said police spokesman Barton Hatches.
Dangerous Skies
GRASS VALLEY, California- Sky divers occasionally see birds but rarely are they harassed by a hawk until they leave the sky. Wilbur Rickenbacher said, "That red tail just wanted me out of his backyard. It ripped at my chute, dove at me, and screeched incessantly until my feet hit the ground. Then it just took off."
Evil Breaks In
SHERMAN OAKS, California-Kurt Ramlo sat down to do his taxes but something at the window caught his eye. "A wild eyed squirrel was trying to break in and wouldn't stop for anything. I shot staples at it, blew compressed air from the computer duster can thing... its little squirrel cheeks were flapping in the wind, but it wouldn't get off the screen. I don't know what it wanted in here but it was highly motivated." A smack from a tennis shoe knocked the determined rodent off the screen.
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