March 22, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Shark Says "Get Off My Beach"
SEASIDE, New Jersey- A 5-foot shark swam ashore at Seaside Park as swimmers were called out of the water, then stood around watching it in amazement. Eventually, the shark flopped back into the ocean and swam away. Swimmers returned to the water once it was deemed safe but not everyone was happy about it, especially Anthony "Tony" Tenor. "That shark came right up to my kids and I know it didn't make no noise, but it was like it was shoutin,' 'Hey youse' kids, get off my beach!' I do the same thing when the neighbor kids get in the yard so I recognized the attitude. That shark didn't like us being there. But it was hotter than hell back at the house so once the other kids got back in and didn't get eaten I let my kids go, too."
Skunk Bombs Away
COTTAGE GROVE, Oregon- Joe Raade has seen a lot in his 19 years in the emergency medical service business but until this week he never seen a turkey vulture drop a skunk onto a windshield, causing the driver to total their car. "This is a one in a zillion thing," said the astonished medic. The victim, Linda Shands said, "I saw the vulture coming at me like a plane aligning itself for a landing, then I saw the skunk's tail hanging and I thought, 'Oh, don't you dare drop that on me' but it did and after the windshield cracked and the air bags went off I hit the cliff." Her vehicle was totaled, and Shand cracked two ribs. Raade has offered to back up her story if Shand has trouble with the police or her insurance company. "You could see talon punctures on the skunk carcass and three of the vultures were perched on a cliff above us watching as we put her in the ambulance. The vultures seemed to know what was happening."
...Busts Their Boat
..."You should have seen the look in its eye as it flew past me onto the deck," said the shocked boater. "It looked angry. That was the sense I got. What a day! I was picking some potato salad off my shirt and suddenly a whale just misses my head."
Deer Suspected in Shooting
SALEM TOWNSHIP, Pennyslvania- State Police are trying to piece together the puzzling death of a motorcyclist from Westmoreland County. "I've never seen an accident like this," Chief Deputy Coroner Paul Cycak told reporters. Cycak said troopers saw a dead deer on Route 819 in Salem Township, and a wrecked bike with a man underneath it, and assumed the man died from injuries he suffered in a crash with the deer. But when they lifted the motorcyle off the body, they found a gun and discovered a bullet wound in the back of his head. While a self-inflicted wound is possible, the coroner said it isn't common for such a gunshot to happen in the rear of the head, especially while driving a motorcycle. So, who shot the cyclist? Is it possible the driver went down after colliding with the animal and tried to use his weapon to finish it off, but then had the gun turned on himself by the deer? "We're leaving it up to the coroner but that theory is in play," said State Trooper Cass Pulaski.
Gregarious Granny Guns Gator
BOCA RATON, Florida- Sadie Finkelstein has seen too many alligators park themselves outside her Florida home. Twice she has almost gotten bit going out to get the morning paper. But now, she is packing heat and the porch parking 'gators better pay attention because the 86 year old is ready to fight back. "I love reading the New York Times and if those 'gators keep me from getting it off the porch they are going to eat lead," said the generally jolly grandmother.
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