April 29, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Never Take a Crab to a Knife Fight
LONDON, England- A video purported to show a knife wielding crab defending itself from a human trying to catch it is now said to be a hoax. After the video went viral reporters tried to chase down the story and discovered that the video was more of a setup than anything else. "The boys in the kitchen thought it would be fun to give a crab a knife and video tape it and boy did it work. But here's the thing, now that crab knows how to use a knife. What have we taught it? And could it teach other crabs to use knives? This whole thing may back fire on us," said restaurant manager Kei Hajj from the location where the prank video was shot.
Ostrich Harrasses Cyclists
CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, South Africa- If you have ever wondered if world class cyclists are faster than an ostrich you finally have your answer- cyclists are faster. Head-cam footage taken by team member Oleksiy Mishchenko shows the bizarre moment an ostrich appears and angrily sprints after his training group. "I heard a noise and saw this ostrich coming up and we were going 50km/h (31 mph). Luckily it stopped before we ran into a dead end coming up because that thing was pissed we were faster than it was and with those spurs(on their feet) they can tear you up. But if they made bikes for ostriches I'd love to see what they could do. Damn thing was impressive."
Coyotes On The Porch
KNOXVILLE, Tennessee- It was too close for comfort for a Knox County family after a couple of coyotes took over their porch recently. The Gibbs watched as the animals attacked a neighbor's small dog for half an hour. Cheryle Cox says "We heard a sound that made our skin crawl, looked out and they were right there on the porch." Paul Osborne, with All Creatures Wildlife Solutions, says the coyote population has grown 400 percent in the last five years. "They're great at adapting, glad to live off of birdseed, small rodents, whatever they can find. Sometimes that's your cat. They seem to like cat." Aside from keeping cats and dogs indoors Osborne recommends hiring his service or getting Rottweilers. "Coyotes see a Rott stalking the yard, they tend to move on."
Male Beaver Kills Doe With Antlers
BLACK WATER, Arkansas- An Arkansas hunter thought he bagged his first buck of the season but it wasn't until Danny Beaver got home that he found out his buck was a doe. "We had it hanging up and took a look and said "That ain't what's supposed to be there," Beaver explained. Closer examination proved "I thought at first it just might have really, really small guy stuff but, nope, this doe had a rack."
Innocent Elephant Hunter Trampled By Horny Elephant
CHEWORE, Zimbabwe- Professional game hunter, Ian Gibson, was trampled to death by a young bull elephant while leading a hunt in the lower Zambezi Valley. Gibson’s tracker indicated the elephant was in “musth” – when the urge to mate goes into overdrive and overly aggressive behavior is common, but Gibson didn't heed the warning. Seconds later the bull spotted them and charged. The hunting party got off one errant shot before Gibson met his death. A spokesman for the tour company employing Gibson said "Gibbo' was the most decent man I have ever known and certainly didn't do anything to deserve this."
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