October 17, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

If Humans Could Only Be This Understanding
TANGENKITTA, Namibia- Sadly, on the way back after a long day in the savanna the photographers were treated to the now hungry cheetahs deciding Bambi was nice to have as a friend, but better to have as lunch. I guess thats natures way, this is how they eat, and we love the big cats... but why Bambi?"
"Tame" Cheetahs Ruin Vacation
DATTSABHUTTI, Kenya- Deter and Petra Heinieschlappa saved up for years in the hopes of one day getting to Africa to see the big cats. And on their first day of vacation, two supposedly tame and pet-able cheetahs at the Where the Not So Wild Things Are Animal Center, pounced on Petra and held her down, for 48 horrible minutes. It wasn't until trainers brought in a female cheetah in heat, that the two males would back away from Petra. "I will never get inside a fence with a big animal again," said a still recovering Heiniesclappa.
Deer Takes Bath, Ruins Bathroom
AUBURN, Indiana- "This is crazy," Chris Coleman exclaimed. An adult deer, jumped through Coleman's window in her front door, went straight into her bathroom, closed the door and jumped into the bathtub. Three officers entered the residence, and said when they opened the bathroom door, the deer was laying in the tub, filled with water. Only the deers head was visible. The officers got the deer out but the bathroom was a mess. "Its absolutely crazy," she said. "Couldn't the damn thing rinse off in a river, instead of screwing up my bathroom? I had bridge club coming over and my bathroom had deer hair all over the place."
America's Dairyland Attacked By Rebelling Dairy Cows
MADISON, Wisconsin- A Muscoda man trampled by a stubborn cow has been released from UW Hospital. Sheldy J. Page, 20, was helping to load cows and calves onto a trailer for transport when one of the cows refused to enter the chute, spun around, kicked and ran over Page, who was in just his second day on the job. "She kicked me in the back of head and then I was stepped on," Page said. "She decided to come right through me." He was taken to UW Hospital where he received four staples in his head and "is pretty sore." It's the second farm animal-related incident this month near Avoca. Alfred Albrecht, 78, was killed by a bull on his farm on April 1. "I'd hate to see the price of cheese if this cow on farmer violence continues," said Professor Richard C. Johnson from the UW-Madison Agriculture Department.
PERTH-Australia- Escaped pet parrots in Australia are teaching wild birds English, including some unsavory words. The Australian Museum says it has received a number of reports from people who say they've heard wild parrots speaking to them, often cursing or repeating greetings like "hello cockie." Naturalist Martyn Robinson told Australian Geographic that some of these words will likely be passed down through generations in wild flocks. "If the parents are talkers and they produce chicks, their chicks are likely to pick up what the parents are able to say," he said. "From there, who knows? I hope they like humans enough not to bag on us as we walk by. Crikee, 'Pick it up, you bag of goo,'would be annoying!"
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