March 22, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Bears Ruin Vacation
YELLOWSTONE, Wyoming- Many Americans hit the road during the summer months and often they choose America's national parks as a destination. In tough economic times, the choice of how and where to spend your vacation is more and more a factor, too. Brenda and Bert Borchardt thought they had figured out how to maximize their vacation budget, except for one factor-bears! Once their five and six year olds saw bears inside their van there was no way their two kids would ever sleep inside again during this road trip vacation, and certainly not outside in a tent. "We splurged for a hotel for a few nights but then had to head for home. Damn bears ruined everything," said the disgruntled Brenda Borchardt.
"Next vacation, Kansas!"
NAUSET BEACH, Massachusetts- Sunbathers first spotted the shark following two kayakers and yelled to the men offshore. One of the kayakers, turned, saw the shark and quickly paddled in, while it took the other one, Walter Szulc Jr., a little while longer to notice the dorsal fin just feet away from him. “There were hundreds of people on the beach, and they were all yelling paddle paddle, paddle!” said Szulc. "When I looked behind me the shark was pretty much right there. It was good-sized, it had a fin sticking out, I had seen 'Jaws' about a millions times, I just turned and paddled," It was the first time Szulc had kayaked and he said, "It might be my last." Szulc said his next vacation will be in Kansas, even though he doesn't know anybody there. "I am sure there is something to look at or do and you are really far from sharks."
"How To Keep Dingoes From Eating Your Baby"
MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota- The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, a main stream family newspaper, recently ran a story with the headline "How to keep dingoes from eating your baby." An Australian coroner recently declared that a dingo was responsible for the 1980 death of infant Azaria Chamberlain. In clearing the child's parents of responsibility the coroner noted that more recent dingo attacks have proven the wild dogs willing and able to attack small humans. What other animals are known to prey on human children? Lions, tigers and bears, saltwater crocodiles, jaguars, wolves, and spotted hyenas clearly view humans as a potential foodstuff. They prefer vulnerable children to adults, but they have been known to hunt adults, as well. A group of smaller animals, including dingoes, coyotes, cougars and chimpanzees, are more selective and opportunistic. The Star-Tribune said they ran the story because more and more Minnesotans travel to Australian and several editors are big Meryl Streep fans.
Herd of Deer Ruin Birthday Party
WAVERLY, Iowa- Anika Ramlo was so excited to have a big 12th birthday party she couldn't sleep for the two nights leading up the big event. She had told all her friends they would get to feed deer at the Happy Hooves deer park, which hosted the party. And for the three hours Anika and her friends were there not one of the deer budged from their spot or let the kids get close enough to pet them. Happy Hooves owner, Jake Lager, said, "We need to rethink a few things. We put the feeder where the deer can get at it all day and they just won't move away from it. When the kids come over to pet them the deer think they are after the food and chase them off. We've had a few close calls."
"They Have an Airforce"
SUPERIOR, Wisconsin- On occasion everyone sees two different species of animals, other than humans and their pets or work animals, together. But even more rarely, do two species fly together. And yet, a young eagle and seagull have learned to fly and work together in Lake Superior. The gull finds the fish, bobbing on the surface, the eagle circles above, waiting for the signal to dive, and after the kill, the two fly off together to have lunch. "It's like they have an air force," said," Cmdr. Dick Rettler, of the US Coast Guard. "I see these two every day, they work together and then they share the booty. It's kind of sweet."
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