September 20, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Dolphins By The Millions Buzz San Diego
SAN DIEGO, California- Porpoises and dolphins travel in large groups called pods. Larger pods can grow to over 100 members. So, the tens of thousands of dolphins that flippered their way around San Diego could be described as the pod to end all pods. "Never seen anything like it," said harbormaster Jamie Raymond. "What they were doing out there, I don't know, but it made the Navy nervous. The fleet couldn't deploy for scheduled maneuvers for a couple of days while this mondo pod bottled the entrance to the harbor up. Kind of makes you wonder."
PANAMA CITY, Panama- A group of sport fishermen went after a trophy catch on a once in a lifetime vacation trip and nearly didn't make it back. Cheers went up when one of the fishermen in the party landed what all could see was a humungous marlin.
PANAMA CITY, Panama- ...slipped again, causing the captain to tumble in the fly bridge cockpit. In a fatal mistake, Pequeno accidentally grabbed the throttle as he fell and jammed it wipe open. The boat roared in reverse right into waves which came crashing over the transom and eventually sinking it. "The timing that fish had was incredible. He tugged hard twice at just the right time and down we went," said sport angler Bob Webber.
Baby Moose Ruins Snowmobiler's Season
ISHPEMING, Michigan- These days not every winter is good for snowmobilers so when enough white stuff is on the ground, riders are anxious to get out and make the most of it. Except when you are suddenly attacked by a baby moose. Then you may have a change of heart, like Stuart Hill, did. "I was minding my own business, going down the trail, suddenly this baby moose appears and I stop 'cuz it's cute and all and I don't want to hurt it and then runs up and attacks me, like really goes for me... it fractured my arm in 3 spots. I should have run the damn thing over."
Squirrel Likes The Indoors Better
MONTGOMERY, Alabama- Many homeowners know squirrels occasionally come in through chimneys or claw gaps in a soffet to take up residence in the attic. But at least one squirrel has learned how to open the door and just make itself at home. Ginni White told everyone who would listen that a squirrel was letting itself into her house but nobody would believed her. That is, until she caught the unwelcome visitor red handed. "I don't know exactly what it does in here but my long distance bill is higher than normal and I don't recognize lots of numbers on it. But I am afraid to call the numbers and say, 'Have you ever gotten a call from a squirrel?'"
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