February 23, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD


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The Paul Pincus Classic MUSIC FOR HAPPY OCCASIONS has been re-released and re-packaged for today's world as MUSIC FOR CRAPPY OCCASIONS by Vinyl Classics. "Upbeat music for wonderful times" was how the Pincus Orchestra offering was first marketed. But Vinyl Classics decided today's tough times need a musical pick-me-up and re-packaged these perky melodies as MUSIC FOR CRAPPY OCCASIONS. Please visit vinylclassic.com today.
Cat Stands On Couch To Spy On Mailman

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SECAUCUS, New Jersey- Ludicrus the cat either hates the mailman or is anxiously awaiting the delivery of a package because every day around mail-time Ludicrus jumps up on the couch and stands there until the mail is delivered. "I tried to stop her for awhile but she is determined to stand there until the mail gets here, so I just gave in. But I gotta' believe it hurts her back," said owner Sue Wadel.
Sharks Deny Man Life Giving Internet

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MIAMI, Florida- Google is wrapping its fiber-optic cables in a Kevlar-like material, said Dan Belcher, product manager on the Google cloud team. Sharks have a "unique ability" to detect electromagnetic fields and believe that the cable is an animal," said George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research. "No doubt the electromagnetic fields are highly attractive to these sharks," Burgess said. But others have other ideas. "Maybe this is all an excuse for lousy cable service," said Comcast internet customer Dirk Blachman.

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VINYL CLASSICS is thrilled to bring back the JOY JOY of The Afternoon Teagbaggers. Whether it's morning, night or afternoon, The Afternoon Teabaggers drop the musical goods in your cup. Open wide and drink in The Afternoon Teabaggers, proudly re-issued by Vinyl Classics.
Herd of Austrian Cows Kills German Hiker
HOLSTEEN, Austria- Police say a herd of cows once again attacked a German hiker, this time killing the woman as she walked through their pasture. The cows were apparently riled by the sight of her leashed dog. The 45-year old victim was rushed by 20 cows and their calves and pushed up against a fence until she suffocated. Authorities refused to comment on why only German hikers seem to be raising the ire of Austrian cows.
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