June 25, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

"I Just Used To Worry About Not Touching The Seat"

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GRASS VALLEY, California- Camping in the great outdoors is a joy for some and torture for others. Mary Holland loves her husband and has camped up and down the Sierras with him for decades but never fell in love with it. 'I made Dale promise anywhere we went there'd be bathrooms. And I learned to squat cuz' you can't sit down. I've seen squirrels sitting on the toilet seat when I walked in. Now I've seen bears in there. I've had it. No more camping or it's a divorce," said Holland after seeing a young grizzly exit the bathroom at the Twelve Bridges State Park campground.

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VINYL CLASSICS is very excited to announce the re-issue of "The Joey Heatherton Album" from the 60's sex kitten. VINYL CLASSICS President Rick Rattler told the press "Her music is OK, very Vegas, lots of horns, a little cheesy but man that cover. So many of us who were in 'Nam remember Joey and the USO tours and that album jacket got me through some bad times. I will be honest, this re-issue is for the cover. The music is just OK."
...The U.S. Forest Service Is Warning Visitors...

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Because tourists are becoming more and more bold approaching bears for memorable snapshots the Forest Service’s Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit has posted on signs at park entrances hikers need to be more concerned about their safety than about their social media profile pictures.
...To Take Selfies With Bears

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What happens when you don’t keep your distance? Back in 2012, a hiker named Richard White was killed by a grizzly bear after taking pictures of it for eight minutes from less than 50 yards away.
Cougar Loves Jaguar

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SAN JOSE, California (KGO)- A San Jose homeowner captured a mountain lion in front of his home with a surveillance camera Tuesday morning. "People walk around here at night with their dogs, so I've been passing the word... keep an eye out, especially if you have little dogs," Tang Wong said. An average adult mountain lion weighs about 160 pounds, but a mountain lion expert said the one in the surveillance video is only about 70 or 80 pounds. It's probably less than 2 years old and trying to establish its territory. "Great," said Tang. "It's marking its territory on the roof of my Jag."
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