March 22, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Bar Hopping Cows Invade Downtown
RED WING, Minnesota- Downtown Red Wing generally doesn't generate enough traffic to cause gridlock but it also doesn't generally have a herd of cows walking around either. A small herd of cows being driven back to Wisconsin escaped their trailer to roam the streets and caused at least one regular reveler to rethink her happy hour habit. "When I came out of Tim and Tina's Tip On Inn I was a little gassed and then I was face to face with a drooling cow. I don't know if that's a message from God or what but that is how I am taking it," said a local Red Wing resident who wished to remain anonymous. Police, meanwhile, parked their cars around the cows in an impromptu corral and coaxed the herd out of traffic and into the safety of a nearby parking lot. A little later, a Wisconsin farmer called, looking for his cows, explaining when he got back home he was missing half his herd and the latch to the trailer gate was gone.
Squirrel Ruins Vacation
SAN DIMAS, California- Siblings can be hard on each other in the best of times but after seeing their younger brother Benton's response to being attacked by a squirrel Darren, Nina and Dashiell Manning have been down right brutal according to their parents. The Manning family's road trip was cut short after Marcia and Bill couldn't take anymore of their kids arguing in the minivan. "We're had it," said Marcia. "We're going back to Iowa. The teasing and fighting is just too much to take." In his defense older brother Dashiell said "You should have heard him. Benton screamed like a little girl. It was sick. God, I wish we had video. It was classic."
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Bear Takes A Seat
MOOSE HEAD BEND, Alaska- The Alaska DNR teams get out of the office and into the wild on a regular basis. Field surveys are a big part of their work. That's why Agent Fran Birenkott heads to a bluff above the Kitch River, sets up her chair and tripod and counts wildlife. Recently, Birenkott didn't need her binoculars to count one bear because it sauntered up and sat down right next to her chair. "I just got up slowly and walked away. I stretched a little bit, waited and then started getting pissed because I lost my seat. It was like being a kid again and saving your place on the couch when you go pee but your older brother won't give it up when you come back. But I didn't fight about it this time."
Pontiac Couple's Dodge and Chevy...
PONTIAC, Illinois- Carrie Barr and her husband live in a wooded area and they see deer all the time. Lately, they have been seeing deer way too close. As in, in their cars. First, Carrie was hit by a doe, causing over $7000 damage. Then her husband's car was hit by a buck, causing nearly $6000 in damage. Was this buck seeking revenge for the Barr's having caused the death of his wife?
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