July 27, 2016

Best of Vague But True

It's True, I'm not Making That Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Just in time for grad party season VINYL CLASSICS re-issues the best loved party giving advice LP ever released. COME TO MY PARTY by the hostess with the mostess Mrs. Mills who tells you everything you need to know about throwing a party. And you hear it all through the warmth that only Mrs. Mills and virgin vinyl can provide. A hit with homemakers of all ages you will not regret if you COME TO MY PARTY!
Raccoon Climbs 700 Foot Crane to Take Dump
TORONTO, Canada- Most animals don't require privacy to do their business. But there is at least one raccoon who wanted to get away from everyone to relieve himself and climbed a 700 foot construction crane in downtown Toronto to let it go. Crane operator Robert MacFarlane captured photos of the urbanized critter climbing up the ladder towards his control cab atop the crane and tweeted before making its way down, the raccoon defecated at the top. The animal managed to reach the ground safely.
"There's Noise in My Walls, Can I Sleep in Your Room?"
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana- For years Natalie James son, Jimmy James, claimed he heard noises in his walls at night. His parents told him he was just afraid of the dark and letting his imagination run wild. When Natalie brought a restless Jimmy back into his room she didn't hear anything so was sure her son was manipulating his parents into letting him sleep in their bed. Jimmy is now 13 and he was right all along- a family of raccoons has been living in their walls. "The exterminator said there might be generations of raccoons that have used our eaves for a home. I just feel awful. Poor Jimmy just doesn't trust us, now. And why not? We've been wrong about everything," said James.
Elk Ruins Remodel
BOSEMAN, Montana- Remodeler Ric Rettler promised his wife Katherine he'd redo their kitchen just like she wanted. That was 28 years ago. Last December Rettler finally got around to making good on that old promise and not only redid the kitchen but added a new garage. And the day he finished the project an elk sat down on the driveway and has refused to leave ever since. "He or she walks off for awhile and gets something to eat but then it's back. DNR says I can't shoot it, we're in city limits. If I chase it with the car it's animal abuse and I might get an antler through the radiator. What can I do? Katy wants to use the garage."
Leopard Goes to School on Humans
BANGALORE, India- A male leopard which entered a school in the Indian city of Bangalore injured six people trying to capture it. A scientist and a forestry employee were among those mauled during the 10-hour long effort to corner the dangerous animal. Conservationists have warned such confrontations may increase as humans encroach on animal habitats. Last year a male leopard spent five hours with its head stuck in a metal pot in a village in the northern state of Rajasthan. "You may think that a leopard that can't bite you because its head is stuck in a pot is less dangerous," said Papu Pindi, Rajasthan Department of Nature Director. "But that cat nearly took my head off with a right cross that just missed."
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